This downloadable questionaire is intended to act as an aid for prospective owners.

There are no "right" answers just honest ones. Also do not feel you need to fill the form in and send it to us - its intended for YOUR personnel use.

Many people have said it has been so useful but you make your own mind up.

Download Questionaire

Health Conditions

Scapegrace has prepared the below downloadable document for your use. It details those health conditions we are required as a Kennel Club Assured Breeder to monitor, test for and record details of.

Additionally this document has been expanded to detail the other health tests we as a kennel test for and record. These additional tests, above and beyond those required by The Kennel Club, are because of the priority we place on health testing.

Download Health Conditions

Breed Standard

We all know what a Parson Russell Terrier looks like don't we?

Well here is the breed standard as provided by The Kennel Club for you to have a read through.

Download Breed Standard