Pen Picture

Buffy is a bitch we kept from Freya and Loki’s 2nd litter in 2019.

A steady, gentle, easy going natured temperament. Absolutely loves to meet people. The more the merrier. Buffy loves being stroked especially on her tummy and to be with you. Preferably on the sofa. She loves her walks and is an acceptable running buddy.

Buffys’ first litter was born in June 2021 and all 4 puppies are doing well in their new homes.

We have also found that she is a lover of squeeky toys, something none of our other dogs have ever shown, yet again showing with a Parsons you never can tell.

Buffy had a second litter in January 2023. Consisting of 4, yes 4 boys, and 1 single girl. We are intending to keep the bitch to see if she is suitable as a future breeding bitch for our kennel. Obviously if she is then her profile will appear on the website.