Pen Picture

Loki, our first male dog puppy we welcomed into our home and the beginning of our Scapegrace family.

By temperament Loki is a happy go lucky chappy. He loves people, in fact he is what you could describe as needy and seeks affection. You can never have enough were Loki is concerned. He loves his toys and chews but likes to ensure he’s got his sorted. Easy going with the bitches.

As many a Parson Russell Terrier he loves his walks. Once the twice daily walk completed he’s a happy dog. Woe betide, if you forget his second walk he’ll remind you just exactly when it’s time.

Highly motivated by movement when out on his walks. A typical Parson’s there. Whilst he loves being out, he likes to do things his way and he’s a bit lazy as a running buddy. Not destined for long distant running ventures.

As the ‘alpha’ dog in the pack Loki is allowed to mix with the puppies. His impact and influence on each one he’s come into contact with gave untold benefit to the development of those puppies.

Highly food driven making food treats a tip top motivator when training or doing show work. When in the show ring he was a good dog to handle.

Loki has now retired to a new family and is living the highlife on the English South Coast. Last seen sprawled across his new owners knees asleep and quote "helping".

UPDATE. Loki has now gone international and is living the high life in Berlin. Not sure if he barks in German yet though. Its great that his new family still keep us informed of his progress as he was muched loved.