Pen Picture

Grand daughter to Loki and Freya.

Luna’s sire is Dumbledore a pup from Loki and Freya’s 1st litter. Buffy as you will of worked out is her aunt.

She loves to meet people and other dogs.

Friendly with people and dogs - you can never get enough in her case. No matter what a joy to be around

When interviewing prospective owners the number who wanted to take her home you would not beleive.

Unfortunatly Lunas temprement was we deemed not compatable to her being a breeding mum.

We felt that as breeders it was neither fair to Luna nor prospective owners that we should just breed for the sake it. We may be over cautious but better that than cause long term issues for Luna and her pups. She has therefore been sterilised and retired to live with a family member. She is still bonkers but much loved, plus we still get to see her.