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The website contains a brief background to the kennel, details of our dogs, some images and of course contact details.


Puppy Update 2020



Well here we are just over a week on from the birth of our 2020 litter. We decided to wait for a week before posting an update, just to be of the safe side, but also because as a family we have been so busy.

Well poor little Freya. We thought last year was a big litter with seven pups well this years was even bigger and she is now nursing EIGHT pups. Five little girls and three little boys.

Obviously we already have people on the waiting list and interest from a number of other people but if you are interested in a puppy feel free to contact us either by email or through the facebook page.

There are a load of images on the puppies individual litter page and from now on we will be updating that page on a regular basis.

Monthly Update August 2020



Well Freya has has her 40 day scan and da da, she is pregnant. We had kind of worked that our already as it was that or the worse case of trapped wind ever.

The vet confirmed that there are at least 4 puppies. As last year we asked only how many pups for sure he could see. It was the same number as last year so there may be another one or two hiding in there, fingers crossed.

So on the puppy page we have started a link for this litter with a couple of images from the scan. Obviously we will be updating as and when the pups are born.

Not so Monthly Update July 2020



Well that's been a long break - but we are finally back. Hoping everyone is well we thought we had better post an update on what's happening in Scapegrace land.

We have renewed our assured breeder accreditation with the Kennel Club (see the link below) and are starting our preparations for next year's visit, checking all the little things to make sure we are on spec and so far so good.

Freya has been mated and hopefully we will know in the next few weeks if she is going to be expecting. We have used a different Stud dog this time and once we know if she is pregnant we will update with more details.

Obviously this means we are looking for prospective owners. If you are one then contact us for more details.


Monthly Update February 2020


Well back after a very wet day at the Scarsbrick Village Hall for the Liverpool Terrier Club Open Dog Show.

A big thanks to the organisers of the day to keep it going ahead given the awful conditions.

Buffy came second in her class - still suffering from being so much younger than the others in her class. However it was a chance to meet up with a fellow Parson breeder Jenny Neild. As always Jenny lovely to see you.

Nothing planned for the next couple of months but we will still post occasional updates but for the more chit chatty updates see the facebook page.



A General Note - January 2020


Whilst Scapegrace are a small family kennel and our dogs are pets. From time to time we may have a dog/bitch that we look to find a home for.

This could be because a puppy we kept to exhibit hasn't quite met our needs for our breeding line or a mature dog retired from the showring and is looking for a family home to continue their lives.

If you are a person or family looking for this type of pet that has their manners already instilled then do not be worried about contacting us to enquire.

It is also fair to point out that there will be an interview process and potentially home visits.



Update - January 2020


So a couple of updates to the site. Buffy has been to a few competitions over the last few weeks and has made a good start to her career. Though she has not qualified for Crufts this year we have high hopes she will be there in 2021. Her results and some images are to be found on her page within our dogs and the gallery section.


One of the down sides to breeding one litter a year is it means we are some what at the mercy of the gods as to when we will have puppies. As a result Buffy is one of the youngest in her class trying to qualify for Crufts and so had only a slim chance - so we were super happy she got as close as she did.




Update - December 2019


As previously mentioned in July 2019 Scapegrace were looking to keep a bitch puppy from 30th May 2019 litter.


We would like to introduce you all to Scapegrace Buffy but to the family it's "Buffy"


You'll be able to follow her progress in full on our Facebook page and on "OUR DOGS" page as bullet points.




General Update - 22nd July 2019


Well good news and bad news to report today.


The good news is that all of our puppies have found their forever homes, however the bad news is that we now have no more puppies available, Sorry.


Our pups will be heading out to their new homes over the next couple of weeks, once they reach at least 8 weeks old of course. While one pup has found a home literally 2 miles down the road some of the others are off far away to the home counties.


Now some further news - we had hoped to keep a bitch pup from the litter ourselves if we felt it would be good enough to breed from in the future and we have. Over the next few weeks we will be adding her details to our dog page - so check back for for info.




Puppy Update - 11th July 2019


OK so today was a long day for the puppies. Up at the crack of stupid o'clock to travel to Chesterfield. Its not far, only about 80 miles, but it takes over 2 hours each way but it was an important journey for our pups because today was BAER testing day.


BAER testing is not cheap but we believe it is important that we avoid breeding deafness into our dogs and the easiest way to start is to ensure our breeding stock is clear.


So drum roll - they all came back BAER Hearing Tested - left ear Pass right ear Pass


A few photos to remember the day on the current puppy litter page.



Puppy Update - 2nd July 2019


Puppies are now playing out in the garden and you can catch a few photos through the puppy page.


There are far more photos and videos on The Scapegrace Facebook Page

Just over a week to go till their hearing tests.



Puppy Update - 20th June 2019


So we are now at the 3 week point and mum and pups are thriving as far as we can tell


We have uploaded a new set of pictures, see the puppy litter details


They all opened their eyes with in a couple of days of the last posting so there seemed no point posting so soon again, but as you will see from the pictures they have started on solid (allbeit very sloppy) food.


If there is nothing significant to report we will provide an update when the pups have had their hearing tested in 3 weeks time.



Puppy Update - 7th June 2019


So we are just over a week on from Freya giving birth and so far all the pups appear to be thriving. Mum is also much more relaxed after this litter than last year - so that's good as well.


They have already had their first checkup visit to the vets and everything seems ok with both Mum and pups. We have also booked them in for their BAER hearing tests when they are 6 weeks old so we can also get them microchipped at the same time.


As the pups markings evolve when they are this age we have upload a further dirty dozen poster with actual head shots. As you can see it can be a little hard to tell them apart, what it will be like in a couple of weeks they they get really moving should be interesting.

The next update should be when they have opened their eyes and we will of course post up some images then.


Puppy News - 30th May 2019


Just to let people know that this morning, 30th May, Freya gave birth to her second litter of puppies. Obviously it is early days yet so fingers crossed they all do well. The litter contains 4 boys and 3 girls so hopefully there will be a suitable pup for all of the potential owners on the waiting list.


We have popped up a couple of images to start with on the puppies page. The litter page will of course be updated with further images over the next few weeks.



Name Change


Having owned both Logierait Loki for over 4 years and Chadbrook Lady Sahara for nearly 4 years we have finally changed their kennel club names to reflect that they are part of our kennel.


This is only a change for record keeping purposes and they will remain as always Loki and Freya to us





Logierait Loki came 1st place in Post Graduate Dog.


Scapegrace Albus of Riosset came 4th place in Puppy Dog



NEWS 24th January 2019


We have some wonderful news to share today, but had to to wait for the official acknowledgement release.


SCAPEGRACE ALBUS OF RIOSSET bred by us in April 2018 and owned by Ms Z.King at the Riosset Kennel is:

Top Open Show Parson Russell Terrier Puppy of 2018


Wonderful news, but most of all congratulations to Zoe for the time and dedication it takes to develop a young pup to the standard required. Absolutely brilliant


NEWS 1st July 2018


Good news. Following a inspection and audit by a Kennel Club inspector we have been accepted as an accredited member of the Assured Breeder Scheme.






Both Freya and Loki qualified for Crufts in 2018 but were unable to attend due to litter commitments.



The 2017 Crufts results were as you can see very pleasing indeed.


Chadbrook Lady Sahara Logierait Loki



The Kennel Club has just released figures for the vulnerable and at watch native breeds and unfortunately for the second year Parsons Russell Terriers are on the list. The link below will take you to the relevant page on the Kennel Club Website for more detailed information.